New TV spots from Adam Wingard’s Blair Witch

Blair Witch trailer

With the September release of Adam Wingard’s Blair Witch nearing, Lionsgate has begun releasing TV spots for the horror sequel. I remember having the shit scared out of me when I saw The Blair Witch Project back in 1999. I mean there was that whole marketing campaign that had some believing the events of the film could have possibly happened. Oh, and let’s not forget the 1999 film did really kick off the found footage genre on a commercial level.

The following year we got Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 which really did leave a lot to be desired. Since then we’ve been over saturated by found footage flicks like Paranormal Activity, etc. However, when it was unveiled that a film titled at the time was The Woods, was indeed a direct sequel to the 1999 classic, it definitely peaked my interest. If early reports are true we’ve got quite the horror flick on its way.

Blair Witch

As I was saying Lionsgate has started releasing TV spots for the Blair Witch sequel giving viewers a bit of backstory and its direct connection to the original

Check ’em out below.

I love the mix of nostalgia and new that I’ve been sensing from its trailers and TV spots so far. If they capture the suspense of the original, we’ll have one hell of a horror on our hands!

Oh and for those that may have missed it here’s the first Blair Witch trailer.

Are you excited for Blair Witch???

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Author: Chad St James

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