A twist of change


A twist of change. A bitter but delicious taste on the tip of my tongue. A piercing, a new look. Dreams and hopes become an understanding. Life flowing in a new direction. He gently glances up with that all too familiar look, present but unattainable.

A friend embarks on a journey into an unknown world of new adventures. Blocks falling into place, foundations laid. A screenplay of words begin to breathe life into reality. Stars litter the sky as reminder of the abundance life has to offer one who is will to take a risk and reach out for it.

Life is merely an individual’s ability to create. Drama is only as big as one let’s it play out. The big 30 is inevitably around the corner, prospects, choices, hopes and dreams. Fantasy blends into reality as a twist of change fills my mouth with its bittersweet taste.

Just some random thoughts for a Friday afternoon
Fairy tales, hopes and dreams...

Author: Chad St James

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