A sore wrist waiting for a break.

Sore wrist. I really should get it checked out, except I avoid doctors at all cost. There’s something that disturbs me about a doctor’s surgery. I think it’s that weird chemical smell or the fact that 9 out 10 people are simply there waiting to hear bad news.

To make matters worse I’ve been waiting for a reply to what I feel was a rather important email, only to discover I most likely closed the browser before I sent it. So in this ironic way, I’ve been waiting for a reply to an email that wasn’t even sent. FML! On top of that I’ve got 38 days left on my pozible campaign raise another $2, 500 worth of pledges to fund my doco ‘Love Like Yours’, and I won’t lie the pessimist in me isn’t making things better. So if your reading this and feel like helping me make my documentary a reality click here. It goes without saying I’d be forever grateful.

Why does it always seem like when you’re following your passions and doing something that means a lot to you, everything  just feels like it’s going against you? I suppose reaching your dreams is never meant to be easy, I guess that’s why they call them dreams right? It’s fighting the harsh reality that brings those dreams into reality.

I guess right now, I’m just feeling rather exhausted. I feel the clock is ticking and I just don’t have enough time in the day to do everything I need to. I saw another person get a jackpot on the pokies tonight. I can’t help but be envious that someone would get so much luck with just the press of a button. I can’t stand gambling, its just something I’ve always stayed away from. I have my mother to be thankful for that. I watched her waste hours and countless amounts of money on those god forsaken machines. I understand why people do it though, they’re just waiting for their luck to change, their so called “big break”

I wonder if mine is just around the corner? I can only pray and hope.

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Author: Chad St James

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