A sneak peek at 'Charlie'

Now anyone who know me personally should be aware that I’ve been up to my head in college work lately working on an assessment for my visual postcard. You might be wondering what this is? To sum it up in simple terms, a 4 minute visual piece accompanied with music.

Well being the typical creative person that I am I chose to create a narrative with a difference. The track I chose was “Time To Say Goodbye” a duet sung by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. Now the plotline on the other hand was something quite different that focuses on three lives, a couple, a gay rent boy and how their lives are interwoven. It is a story of secret, lies, adultery, sexual identity and death. Quite operatic.

Filming this was quite an interesting experience considering I’m gay playing a straight guy cheating on his girlfriend and James who is actually straight played a gay rent boy. Words cannot describe how much I was amazed with my cast especially James who previously had no experience in acting and of whom was virtually thrown in the deep end playing a role that in itself was quite far from who he is as an actual person. Not an easy task but he pulled it of hands down!

The piece relies heavily on the power of suggestion especially the sex scene in the toilet. Overall it was a pretty interesting first project, that after its ups and down during production, I’ve decided at a later point to go back, change a little and re-shoot. I guess that is the joys of film making you can always go a re-shoot to capture the vision and tell the story you really want to.

Probably tomorrow sometime I’ll upload it to my youtube channel but in the mean time here are a few screen caps from the flick to give you a sneak peek.

In finishing I have to say it was a great experience that in many ways captured what true film making is about, actors playing completely opposite roles with a purpose to tell a story. Bloody loved it.

It comes without saying making the swap from Business Entertainment Management to Digital television & Film was one of the best choices I’ve ever made!!!

'Charlie' a short film.
Anzacs, broken noses, Luciana and just a plain trashy time!!!

Author: Chad St James

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