A little I’m With JoJo update

Nearing the end of 2010, i have to say one of the things that have gotten me excited has been the I’m With JoJo campaign I launched a few weeks back. As many of you know know Warner Bros, Atlas Entertainment and Vertigo Entertainment have teamed up to bring a reboot of Buffy The Vampire Slayer to the big screen. I am not against a Buffy movie, but I am against a Buffymovie going ahead without the involvement of her creator Joss Whedon. As a writer and someone that studies film and television I just find what the studios are doing is just pure disrespect to the creative genius behind it.

In a few weeks the I’m With JoJo page has gotten over 3000 members, and we’ve helped spread word regarding a petition that has over 7000 signatures. Kind of exciting times. The next stage in the campaign is really trying to go viral and have our voices heard. I’ve taken it upon myself to create the Buffy Birthday Challenge on the 19th of January which will encourage all fans to update their facebook statuses with “Warner Bros. Entertainment   I’m With JoJo, NoJossNoBuffy!!!”

It really is time to make our voices heard. But I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has got behind the I’m With JoJo campaign it has been a massive group effort and it will only continue to gain momentum.

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Chad St James and Lady Cave shot by Kahlia Litzow

Author: Chad St James

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