A gay exorcism didn’t deliver me.

Reading this article in Details regarding practices of gay exorcism it got me thinking about some of my own personal experiences with homosexuality and the church.

 Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Peterson Toscano, a gay Christian activist, underwent three exorcisms before coming to terms with his sexuality. One took place in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, another in an apartment on the West Side of Manhattan owned by Joanne Highley, who runs L.I.F.E. Ministry. During the latter exorcism, Highley had him lie down on her bed, then she sat beside him and began to press on his body, commanding the demons to exit through his mouth and rectum. Before the rite was complete, Toscano, who says he felt increasingly violated by Highley’s actions, stopped the ritual and left her apartment. Highley did not respond to requests to be interviewed, but she has previously stated that her process is to ‘cleanse and bind demonic powers . . . out of genitals, of course out of anal canals, out of intestines, out of throats and mouths if there’s been ungodly deposit of semen in those areas—we cleanse with the blood of Jesus, and we cast out the demonic powers.’ Some practitioners of deliverance believe that a demon has a physical as well as a spiritual form and can be purged through the orifices—thus an exorcism can be judged successful if the subject vomits, coughs up sputum, or, in rare cases, evacuates his bowels.”

If you ask me the latter just means they probably had the shit scared out them!

At one point when I was grasping with coming out and being involved in the church I underwent prayer circles and one lady actually did try to exorcise a demon from within. Nothing happened thank god and no I did not shit my pants or vomit, but afterwards instead I was left with guilt. See this is another way these gay exorcisms are detrimental. They brainwash you into feeling guilty for just being yourself. This guilt can still cling to you for many years later even to pop up out of the blue and confront you with the possibility of gay aversion therapy. Yes, a choice I am forever grateful for not pursuing.

Yes it would be great to have these gay exorcisms outlawed but the fact is, it falls along that fine line of religious freedom to express. Why do you think Westboro are still in action? Don’t get me wrong I believe in the power of prayer and stuff. One thing I do not believe in, is the fact that my attraction to the same-sex is a result of demonic possession.

So why don’t these exorcisms seem to work? Simple, being gay has nothing to do with being posessed by a demon and it’s not something you can really change. Oh but this is the kind explanation only suited for rational people. Now if you were to ask the pro gay exorcisors? They would probably reply with “Oh the devil has a stronghold on this one” or even “Homosexuality can only be cured like cancer, through repeated exorcisms to ensure it’ remission”

Now if you ask me and maybe I’m being too logical here, but could it simply be because an exorcisms is a form of trauma, and we all know trauma will never bring positive change!

Just a thought at 12:40 am.

p.s. If I do have a gay demon inside me, his name is Reginald and he loves cock!


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Author: Chad St James

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  1. The other day some church people showed up at my house and told my roommate they were looking for me lol maybe for an exorcism!!

  2. !!! Sorry about all the bigotted ‘christians’ out there, guys. :o(

  3. Rachel no need to aplogise there are some good ones just like there are some bad ones. I put you in the good basket xo

  4. Just the same as there are some hideous gays! There is at least one in every family haha 😉

  5. chad you are a crackhead

  6. no don’t really do crack not my thing lol what about you?

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