A call out to Buffy and Joss Whedon fans!!!

As many of you are aware with the terrible news that Warner Bros are actually planning to go ahead with a 100% Joss Whedon free Buffy film that will actually hit the big screen as early as 2011, the fans are in an uproar. The fact is for years the fans have been dying for a Buffy film, but one that is about the Buffy we fell in love with, not some tacky revamp, So I have taken it upon myself to launch the I’m With JoJo facebook page.

The mission? To unite fans of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and show producers of the planned reboot that without the involvement of its creator Joss Whedon and the original cast, we do not want to see this movie made!  So I’m making a call out to all people that in someway have been moved, touched and inspired by Joss Whedon’s classic to join this pageand share the distaste in Warner Bros’ proposal. I am hoping that  just like in the past when the fans of Whedon’s Firefly joined forces to create a domino effect, that we in turn will create something similar that will send a stern message to Hollywood, that we will no longer have these cash mongering bastards ruining the shows that captivated and inspired us as teenagers. It is time for it to stop!

So join I’m with JoJo and suggest the page to as many people you know. It is time for the true Buffy fans to fight the coming apocalypse that is a shitty Buffy movie!!!

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Author: Chad St James

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