4:05 am thoughts

4:05 am. No more assessments for 2011. Relief. Friendships and relationships go two ways, they rarely last any other way. Facing the prospect of culling narcissistic people from my life. I find greater need to surround myself with people that will build me up rather then tear me down. I eagerly await reuniting with a friend and mother for Christmas. They say you can choose your friends and not your family. I disagree, my friends are my family. Thinking of a certain somebody. Are the feelings reciprocated? Time will tell. Matters of the heart can be so confusing at times. Throw it to the winds of fate and see where it lands. The future is unknown, except for what I hope and dream. I ponder what 2012 Chad would say to 2011 Chad. Most likely “Remember to breathe, take in what life has to offer and run with it!”

An Australian thanksgiving
Second year of college complete, will wonders never cease?

Author: Chad St James

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