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It’s been a little while since my last post, what can I say? Life has been uber busy. My attention lately has definitely been on my doco I’ve been working on for college.

As a few of you are aware I’m officially changing my name to Chad St James and this doco explains the motivation behind it. It has without a doubt been one of the biggest challenges I’ve taken on. At times it has been emotional and stressful, but overall an extremely therapeutic experience.

It is strange sitting back looking at one’s life and pin pointing the experiences that have majorly influenced someone into becoming who they are today.

Without sounding up myself, I go out and a lot of people seem to know me or know of me. I find it funny because very few actually really “know” me.

I guess by making this doco I hope to shed some light on who I really am but also inspire people that ultimately they have the power to become anything they want to be.

So keep an eye out out and a special thanks to all involved x

3 P's from my first year at college
Carousels and Documentaries!

Author: Chad St James

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